This Is my new blog where I talk about Balloons and how much Better they make a birthday party in a limousine. You see I find limousines very luxurious, but celebrating my birthday in one of them with some incredible balloons. Now that is just a dream come true. I recently had an amazing experience on my birthday in a limousine and it was the single most indescribable experience  from my head to my toes.

First my head was about to burst with excitement from seeing the colors of the balloons and all the luxury of the limousine, then as I drew nearer and got close to the door the chauffeur, what a great man, opened the door for me and my entourage. Oh the fine memories of that blessed day, when we finally arrived at the party there were simply just swarms of amazing different balloons! Everywhere I looked I saw friends, but who are friends really?

scenery 4 

I believe friends are the best people that by some chance have been put in your life to be with you though everything and is definitely not a relationship to be taken lightly.  And now spiderwebs are not like balloons at all, as a matter of fact I believe If you left balloons in a limousine and put it in a junkyard for a few years that spiderwebs would begin to form on them both. But when it comes down to choosing your friends I don’t think that is something you can ever do I believe hardcore that your truest of friends are destined to be friends with you whether you like that or not.

Every now and then we look at ourselves and just think, “I know I am the one who deserves a limo ride with balloons”  and great friends of course but when you actually realize that that  is not happening anytime soon. You will get slapped right back to reality.